Does iTools 4 work on Mac?

iTools newly invented the Mac OS running devices. So how does the latest iTools 4 work on Mac? How to manage your iOS device using it?

iTools 4 work on Mac

Are you looking for the best answer for managing your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch instead of iTunes? Then iTools comes as the best solution for you. Managing iOS devices is a little bit difficult because Apple products think about their user’s privacy more. But iTools make it easier when compared to Apple's personal iOS manager iTunes. So what is this iTools? Let’s simply find out.

iTools is the best iDevice manager for all Apple users. It is a free online tool that you can simply manage through your computer. Yes, iTools is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. But iTools newly invented the Mac OS running devices. So how does the latest iTools 4 work on Mac? How to manage your iOS device using it?

With iTools, you can simply connect your iDevice to a Mac computer and use all the features it offers you. Do you want to know more details about it? Here we are gonna find out!

What is iTools and why use it on your Mac?

iTools is the best tool to manage your iPhone, iPad, and iPod device simply. The latest version of iTools is specially designed for all iOS users and the best alternative for iTunes. iTools is also a great file manager where you can simply transfer all the media such as photos, videos, music, apps, documents, etc. It comes with both simple and advanced features that you will never find in iTunes.

The latest features of iTools are specially designed for Macintosh computers such as OS X Leopard, Lion, Mountain Line, Yosemite, Sierra, and High Sierra.  And also iTools comes as a  fast, easier, and more powerful software. It doesn’t matter whether your iOS device is jailbroken or non-jailbroken, iTools works well for you. Not only that your device is completely safe and secure when you are using iTools.

Why does iTools come best instead of iTunes?

The iTools 4 work on Mac version and iTunes has a massive difference when comparing the two software. The reliability, compatibility, and also the existence of iTools make managing iOS devices more flexible when compared to iTunes. And when we talk about energy consumption, the Mac operating system reduced up to 10% from iTools when compared to Apple’s official iDevice manager iTunes.

iOS managing is not the main task of iTunes and it is specially developed for marketing purposes. That’s why it comes with lots of difficulties. And also it leads to lots of time and device space on both your iOS device and Mac computer. That seems so bad for iDevice users because they want a super fast and easy experience when iDevice manages. So the iTools 4 work on Mac as the best alternative for users if they are in a situation to no longer use iTunes.

How benefits this trendy tool when iDevice managing

Why should you use iTools 4 on Mac OS-running computers? What it offers you for iOS users. Let’s find out in the below paragraph.

  • iTools comes as a free tool for both Windows and Mac users. So you do not need to pay a single penny to use its features.
  • It never asks for your personal information like Apple ID or username to use its service.
  • It works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices with ease and fastly.
  • iTools Mac download offers you a complete overview of your iDevice system.
  • You can simply export and import all the content on your device.

How iTools 4 work on Mac when iDevice managing

iTools 4 is the latest version of iTools and you can simply download it from our official page. It comes as a free and simple tool for all iDevice users. Downloading and installing this smart software is super fast and easy. But before getting this software on your iOS device, make sure you have the below system requirements.

System Requirements

Here are the system requirements for iTools for the Mac version.

  • Supported macOS - Mac OS X 10.7 or above version
  • RAM - At least 256 MB RAM
  • Storage space - 50 MB of free storage space
  • Processor - A AMD or core to Duo Intel processor is required

Simple steps to download iTools 4 on Mac computers

Once you get all the requirements above, you can simply download iTools on your Macintosh computers. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Get the latest version of iTools 4 on your Mac operating system
  2. Install and run the software.
  3. Connect your iOS device to your Mac using a proper USB cable.
  4. Wait until the iTools will detect your device.
  5. Now you can access all the features it offers you.

Supported iDevice for iTools Mac

The latest version of iTools 4 work on Mac computers and is supported on any iOS device including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. What are the iDevices it supports?

  • iPhone: All iPhone versions from iPhone 3GS up to the latest iPhone 14
  • iPad: All the iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro versions
  • iPod Touch: All iPod Touch devices

Supported iOS versions

iTools is supported with all the iOS versions released by Apple. It works with older iOS versions 1, 2, and 3 to the latest version of iOS 15 and 16.

What are the best features of this smart software?

iTools for Mac comes with thousands of features for iOS users when compared to iTunes. So here are the must-know features of iTools.

  • You can backup and restore all the device data with the iTools backup feature.
  • iTools AirPlayer helps you to share your iDevice screen with a larger screen.
  • With the image tool of iTools, you can share your images and albums with others.
  • Get a full report about your battery status with iTools battery master.
  • Transfer all the media on your iDevice to a computer with the Data Migration tool.
  • iTools Ringtone Maker helps you to make unique ringtones.
  • With iTools file arranger and icon arranger, you can arrange all the files and icons properly on your iOS device.

Summing Up the article

This is how iTools 4 work on Mac computers and now you know everything about it. So get iTools on your Mac computer now and enjoy all its features.