Key features of iTools Download

All these smooth key features of iTools download make managing your iOS devices much more simple and easier. So why not giving a try?

Key features of iTools download

Nowadays, Technology updates are universal and provide you with additional options to keep things easy. So many alternative tools are available for users to make their lives simple and avoid all the downsides of previous apps. That’s how iTools enter the chat. So the latest version of iTools 4 comes with several updates and is fairly brief. The best part is it comes as a free application and the best alternative for iTunes.

When talking about iTunes, you may know that iTunes comes with many difficulties when managing iOS devices. Entertainment is the main purpose of iTunes. But iTools covers all the important features of iOS management. So all you require under iTunes can be performed through iTools. The greatest part is that iTools makes things easier. So you can enjoy all the key features of iTools download just by using this app.

However, in this article, we are going to tell you everything about this smart software iTools and the smart features it offers users. So read through the article and find everything about this incredible tool.

Everything you should know about iTools

Do you know what iTools is? iTools is the best iOS manager you can ever find instead of iTunes. iTools comes as computer-based software that allows you to manage your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device. Yes, this incredible tool works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. This is going to be a perfect solution if you want to manage iOS devices and backup your device data using its smooth features. These smooth key features of iTools download make managing your iOS devices much more simple and easier.

Why use this trendy tool on your device?

iOS devices are more difficult to manage than Android devices because of the complex Apple iOS operating system. That's why Apple released the iTunes app for Apple iOS devices to manage iOS files.

However, it was not very successful. As a media app, iTunes can be used for images, songs, ringtones, etc. We have to say that it is a great app that works better for iOS users with a lot of data. Because of Apple iTunes' success in managing iOS files, many people are abandoning iTunes and looking for other iOS data management apps; here iTools is an iOS data management app available on the internet.

What are the key features of iTools download?

Being an amazing alternative to iTunes, iTools consists of almost all the incredible features that are there in iTunes. However, there are also more advanced and unique features in the latest iTools 4 and now. So let us have a peek at a few of them!

So what are the key features of iTools download to make it more beautiful?

  • iTools Backup and Restore feature

Did you know iTools comes with a smart feature where you can backup all the important data on your iOS device? Not only that, you can simply restore them without losing a single bit of data. All you have to do is, simply select the files, backup, and restore them with just a single click.

  • Icone Arranger of iTools

This is another amazing feature of iTools. Do you ever feel that it’s hard to find the applications on your device screen? So using this incredible feature, you can arrange all your device icons properly. The best part is you can do that just by connecting your iOS device to a computer. And also it will give a new look to your OS.

  • iTools AirPlayer

This is one of the best and most popular key features of iTools download. It’s because of all the amazing support it gives users. iTools AirPlayer is a great tool to browse the web, video streaming, playing video games, and more. So enjoy the experience of sharing your device screen with a larger screen to make your iTools experience memorable.

  • The file manager of iTools

File manager is similar to the iTools icon arranger. The smart features of this incredible tool allow you to manage all the files and folders in your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can organize them in good shape, and orderly. And also you can simply add new files to the list or delete them just by using the drag-and-drop option.

  • iTools image tool

This feature is introduced in iTools to manage its photos. The best feature behind this smart tool is preview and resolution. You can simply share your photos, edit or delete them with just a single click. And also arrange your photos and albums according to different categories. If you have this feature in your hand, you will never want to download any third-party photo editing apps.

  • Ringtone Maker of iTools

Are you fed up with the same ringtone on your iDevice? As you know, iOS devices don’t have a good collection of ringtones. That’s how iTools Ringtone Maker helps you to create your own ringtone just by using your favorite music, tracks, or recordings.

  • iTools Battery Master

Do you want to know about your iDevice battery conditions? Then there is the best option for you. With iTools battery master feature, you can get a full report about your battery status like Mfr, charged cycles, boot voltage, voltage, and more. So this is the perfect option to maintain and control your device battery.

  • Data Migration tool of iTools

Do you want to share your old device data with a new one? Then this is the best method. It supports sharing any type of file, PDF, image, video, and more with just a few clicks. The best part is it doesn’t waste your precious time.

  • iTools Simulate Location

If you want to simulate your iDevice location this is the latest feature for you. It allows iOS users to get the fake GPS location on their iDevice. Just restart your device to recover the real location again. It’s easy and gives you a proper experience.

Wrapping Up

Now you know everything about the key features of iTools download and its users. I’m sure that all those features give you a better experience when iDevice manages. So why wait anymore? Get iTools on your device now and enjoy the unlimited and unbelievable features it offers you.