Let's try out the latest features of iTools FREE

What do you know about iTools? We can’t forget that it is a better alternative to iTunes and comes with the latest features of iTools FREE. So read more here!

latest features of iTools FREE

As a massive fan of iOS, you may probably know that iOS devices are designed to be better user-friendly than other platforms. But it turned into complex things sometimes. But do you know there are numerous tools and applications to avoid those complexities? iTools comes as a trendy application that assists iOS device users to make it effortless to do operations from their iDevice.

If you are an owner of an iOS device like an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you must probably have iTools with you. Because it will add ease and simplicity to your iDevice life. You will be able to simply manage all your iOS devices just by using this smart tool. We can’t forget that it is a better alternative to iTunes and comes with the latest features of iTools FREE.

Talking about the smart features of iTools, here we are going to tell you how to use these amazing features iTools offers you. So stay with the article and find everything about iTools and its features.

What you should know about iTools?

iTools is a smart application designed to manage all iOS devices like iPhones, iPods, and iPad. So you can simply manage all the data on your device just by using this outstanding application. The only thing you have to do is connect your iOS device to your PC. Yes, iTools is a computer-based tool compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

iTools download is similar to iTunes and the only difference is the latest features of iTools FREE. iTools avoid all the downsides of iTunes and help users with many advanced features. So it will help you to simply manage your iOS device. Every user is happy with this incredible tool and wants to download it on their devices. So this is the best application for your iOS device whether your device is jailbroken or not.

Must know the benefits of this smart iOS manager

This smart iOS manager comes with some incredible benefits for iDevice users to make their iOS management easier and faster. Let’s take a look at what they are.

  • Smart interface

iTools comes with a detailed interface which makes using it more comfortable. You can see the details like Apple device model, identification number, jailbroken standing, service warranty details, and many more.

  • Media Manager

The latest features of iTools FREE media manager allow you to access all the media on your iOS device and manage them.

  • Application

iTools is a free application that has the skill to check, assess, and uninstall the memory location of iDevices.

  • Manage calls and messages

You can simply manage all the call logs, recordings, and messages with just a few clicks.

How well-versed in the latest features of iTools FREE are you?

As we mentioned before, iTools is popular for the amazing features it offers users. So let’s take a look at what the latest features of iTools FREE offer you.

  1. Backup and restore feature

iTools backup and restore feature allows you to simply backup all the data on your iOS device and restore them without losing them. All you have to do is, simply select the folders you want and click the Backup button. The restore process is the same as the backup process.

  1. Image tool of iTools

It enables you to use images in high resolution. You can share your photos between iOS devices to PC. And also you can edit or remove them from your device. You can do everything with this smart feature without installing any image editing apps on your device.

  1. iTools Data Migration tool

This data managing and transferring tool allows you to manage all the media such as files, images, videos, and music from one device to another. So if you are planning to buy a new smartphone, you can share all your media from your old device to a new one without losing them.

  1. The file manager of iTools

iTools file manager allows you to manage all the files on your iOS device. You can create separate folders, change the shape, add new files, and also access them easily whenever you want. And also it has the drag and drop feature.

  1. iTools AirPlayer

One of the latest features of iTools FREE is iTools AirPlayer. It allows you to share your iOS device screen with the computer to enjoy the big screen experience. So you can simply share your screen in the meeting, play video games, and videos streaming.

  1. Battery Master of iTools

With this latest iTools feature, you can get a full report about your battery status. And also you can take an immediate solution for your battery issues. It includes Mfr, charged cycles, boot voltage, the design, eclectic current, temp, SN, true capacity, and more.

  1. iTools Ringtone Maker

Are you worried about the limited ringtones on your iOS device? Want to create your own ringtone? Then iTools ringtone maker is the best solution for you. While using this smart tool, you can create unique ringtones just by using your favorite music, songs, and even voice recorders.

  1. Icon arranger of iTools

Simply icon arranger helps you to arrange all the icons on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod screen. It doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of icons on your iDevice. You can simply manage them using your PC. You can also remove icons and give your device a better look.

  1. iTools Fake Location Feature

iTools Virtual Location feature provides a better experience for iOS users to fake GPS locations on their iOS devices. You can easily restore the actual settings by restarting your iDevice.

Summing up the article

Now you know every single detail about the latest features of iTools FREE. It would be an incredible experience to manage your iOS device just by using such amazing features. The best part is all of them are free. Isn’t it great? Yes, that’s why everyone loves iTools. So if you are looking for such a feature-loaded application to manage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch this is the best option for you. Why wait any longer? Try it now and enjoy the features it offers you.