iTools iOS 9.1 for 2015 update

In this guide, we intend to discuss everything you need to know about the 2015 update of iTools iOS 9.1 version.

iTools iOS 9.1
iTools iOS 9.1

iTools is the most popular third-party file manager for all iDevices. It is the best alternative to iTunes by default. That's why many people tend to use iTools instead of iTunes. So whenever Apple releases a new version of iOS, iDevice users upgrade that version and download the latest released version of iTools.

iOS 9.1 is the major version of iOS released by Apple Inc. On the other hand, iTools is the best third-party file management tool that you can use on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. In this guide, we intend to discuss everything you need to know about the 2015 update of iTools iOS 9.1 version.

So if you want to know more about this amazing iOS 9.1 iTools. Please continue reading with us. We will explain in more detail why iTools is a special feature of iTools provided to you. In addition, supporting devices, etc.

Everything You Should Know About iTools iOS 9.1

iTools is a file management tool that allows you to manage all types of files on your iDevice. It is very similar to the default iTunes. But you still get better features when you download iTools.

As a huge fan of iOS devices, you may know that iOS 9.1 is known as a significant version of iOS.

This amazing tool is associated with iOS 9.1 and iPadOS 9 devices. The iTools iOS 9.1 has been updated with improvements and new features that make managing iOS files easier than before. If you have one of the iOS/iPad 9 or above running devices, you can download the latest version of iTools to your device by clicking the Download button we provided on our official website.

Why is iTool More Special than iTunes?

Among the thousands of iOS management tools, why does iTools iOS become more impressive than iTunes? iTunes includes basic functionality. Like backup, sync, file management, restore, etc. And iTools and iTunes include the same basic functionality with the left menu bar.

But iTools iOS 9.1 is special because it has many extra features. Such as Battery master to save battery, Airplayer, Ringtone maker, etc. You can install it on a Windows PC or Mac. And this app also manages to limit background processes. And also use very limited storage space. You can easily work with other heavy-duty applications using iTools. Due to the latest technology used in the app, you can be more productive and productive.

iTools 4 latest version

iTools 4 is the latest version of iTools. It is the version that is compatible with all the latest iOS device models and versions. With the iOS 9.1 version, you can still get evolved file management features on your iOS device.

Impressive Features Offered by iTools

iTools iOS 9.1 is a combination of all the incredible features. You should follow the below list of exciting features. It has more facts about it too.

  • iTools Image Tools

iTools Image Tool provides you with a collection of all the necessary features included. Crop, crop, edit, adjust brightness, move, save, and more. No need to reinstall image editing apps.

  • Fast Data Migration

If you need to migrate all your important data to your new iDevice, use iTools iOS 9.1. It will do it for you in one click. In addition, the backup and restore will be done automatically for you.

  • Icon Manager with a File Manager

iTools iOS gives you a personalized experience with an icon manager. And you can also easily manage your files while using the icon manager.

  • iTools Battery Master

Now you can easily get all iDevice battery stats on your computer. Capacity, empty rate, life, voltage, etc. And you can also perform the necessary operations on your mobile phone through your computer.

  • iTools AirPlayer

This is an all-inclusive player, you can share your mobile screen with your computer to play games and stream videos. In addition, you can share the screen with other mobile devices. Ideal for receptions and parties.

  • Ringtone Maker

Tired of the same iDevice ringtone? But with this amazing app, you can do it yourself. Capable of connecting any number of MP3 audio files, and music tracks too.

Compatible Devices with iTools iOS 9.1 and later

The latest out of iTools major version is compatible with all the iPhones, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 9 and later versions. So let’s make sure your iOS 9.1 is supported with iTools.

Supported iPhones:

  • iPhone 6S Plus/ iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6 Plus/ iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5S/ iPhone 5C/ iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S

Supported iPad:

  • iPad Air 1 and 2
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 3rd and 4th Gen (with Retina display)
  • All the iPad Mini Generations
  • iPad 2

Supported iPod Touch:

  • iPod Touch 5th Gen/ iPod Touch 6th Gen

How to Download iTools Latest iOS 9.1 on Windows and Mac

You can not download iTools on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices because it is a computer-based application. So first, you have to download iTools iOS 9.1 on your Mac or Windows computer. Then you can simply connect your iOS device to your computer and easily manage your iDevice.

Simple Step-by-step Guide to Download iOS 9.1 iTools

  1. Make sure you own a compatible iDevice to download iOS 9.1 iTools from the above list.
  2. Then visit our iTools official website from your Windows or Mac computer.
  3. Tap on the “Download” button to download the latest iTools 4 on Windows and Mac PC.
  4. Just follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your PC.
  5. Now iTools is installed on your PC directly.
  6. Then connect your iOS 9.1 or iPadOS 9.1 running iDevice to the computer.
  7. After that, you can start managing your iOS device by using the latest iOS 9.1.

Summing Up

Now you know that iTools is the best management tool for all iOS devices instead of iTunes. This amazing tool comes with the latest features for all iDevice lovers. It is supported with many iOS versions and iTools iOS 9.1 takes a major part in it. The best part of it is that iTools even works with older iOS devices. So use this incredible tool once and enjoy all its features.