What is iTools AirPlayer?

iTools AirPlayer is the biggest and most interesting feature ThinkSky developers introduce to you. It helps users to mirror their iPhone screen to the computer so they can simply use them.

iTools AirPlayer

Nowadays, technology becomes a massive part of our lives and provides us a great chance to keep things more simple and easy. Smartphones take up a wide space where we can do anything anywhere we want. When talking about smartphones, we can’t forget iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Because everyone loves Apple smart devices. But if you are an iOS device user, you may know that managing your iOS is a little bit complex. And users get bored using Apple management tools on their devices. So that’s how iTools entered the chat.

iTools is the best iOS manager you can find on the internet. And also it is the best alternative for Apple's official iOS manager; iTunes. Not only that, iTools comes with more advanced features that you will never find in iTunes. iTools AirPlayer is the biggest and most interesting feature ThinkSky developers introduce to you. It helps users to mirror their iPhone screen to the computer so they can simply use them.

So what is this smart screen mirroring tool? How to use it? In this article, we are going to tell you everything about this smart feature and its users. Read through the article and find out.

iTools AirPlayer; the best screen mirroring tool for iDevices?

The word AirPlayer may be a new word to you. But when you know about it, you will never regret it. So What is this iTools AirPlayer? It is an amazing feature offered by iTools software. It is designed for all iOS devices, but you can download and use it on your Windows and Mac computers. It simply allows you to play games, stream videos, browse the web, preview any picture, or more.

However, because this feature is becoming more trending around the world, iTools developers decided to sell this as separate software. So when you have iTools on your device, you can have an amazing experience with it. It will be compatible with all iDevices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. So you can share your device screen, simply mirror it, record what you are displaying, and also stream videos and images on your PC. Another incredible feature is you can use your mobile to remotely control the screen on your PC.

Why should you use this application on your computer?

It will be amazing if you have iTools AirPlayer on your device. Because it will allow you to get a lot of information, you can check all the information on your iDevice. It allows you to access all the information such as documents, videos, images, and more on a big screen. To access that information, you have to transfer it to your computer and access it. So by using iTools screen mirroring feature, you can access the screen on your mobile on a larger screen.

The best part is you do not need any single data or annoying cables to connect your iOS device to a computer. All the data can be accessed through WiFi connectivity. All you need is your iOS device and your PC with iTools installed on it. It is beneficial in every situation where you are in a business meeting or a party.

Explore the outstanding features of this unique tool

As we mentioned above, this AirPlayer tool comes with many useful features which allow you to easily use your iOS device with a PC. Here are some noticeable features we can use on your iTools AirPlayer.

  • The screen mirroring feature allows you to mirror your mobile device into a PC without any connections.
  • Allow you to view all the information on a bigger screen without compromising the viewing experience.
  • You can record your screen with the screen recording feature, so you can share them on other social media accounts easily.
  • The video streaming feature in AirPlayer allows you to enjoy the best streaming experience on a larger screen.
  • This smart tool allows you to remotely control your iOS screen using your PC. But your iOS device should be jailbroken to use this feature.

How to get this trendy tool on Windows and Mac

This is a most important feature of iTools software and was developed for all iOS devices. It can be separately downloaded by AirPlayer but comes as a feature of the latest iTools 4. This smart tool is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and supports all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

To get this amazing software on your device, make sure you have all the below requirements and follow the step guides.

System Requirements

  • Windows - Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 including Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Mac - Mac OS X 10.8 and above
  • RAM - 256 MB or more
  • CPU - 750MHz AMD, Intel
  • Disk Space - At least 50 MB of free space

Simple step guides to follow

After you come up with all the system requirements we mentioned above, follow the simple steps to download this AirPlayer on your device.

  1. Download iTools AirPlayer on your Windows or Mac computer
  2. Install the driver packages and run them.
  3. Once you connect your iOS device you can access the features this AirPlayer offers you.

Why is using this smart software so worth it?

Apart from all the prominent features available for AirPlayer, are you still wondering what you will get using this amazing tool? If yes, here are some of the underrated features for you.

  • It is a completely free tool that comes with the latest iTools 4.
  • It’s available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • You can simply check or view all the mobile data on a bigger computer screen.
  • Don’t have to transfer data physically when you have iTools AirPlayer.
  • It comes with amazing features such as screen mirroring, screen recording, video streaming, and many more.
  • This smart tool is simple and super easy to use.

Summing Up the article

Now you know everything about iTools AirPlayer and why you should use it. There is no doubt that this is the most amazing and feature-loaded tool which every iDevice user can have. And also it gives users a new experience by using this amazing tool. So don’t be late anymore! Get it right now on your device.